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The company is specialized in the production of various specifications of automotive wiring harness, motor wiring harness, industrial control equipment wiring harness and electronic equipment wiring harness. Products are widely used in the automotive industry, industrial automation control system, communication equipment, micro-motor, display and other products of the connection field. Founded in June 2017, the company is located in no.89 beiyuan industrial park, gaishan town, cangshan district, fuzhou city, fujian province, covering an area of 1,500 square meters. It is adjacent to mawei port, fuyin expressway, tongsan expressway and fuxia road, fuzhou, with convenient transportation. The company has new production equipment and advanced testing instruments, the use of fine parts, the use of domestic advanced level of technology and equipment production.

Address: 112 beiyuan road, gaishan town, cangshan district, fuzhou city, fujian province

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