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Quality policy: careful manufacturing, attention to detail -- perfect quality; Honesty and credibility, people-oriented -- customer-centered;

Content of quality policy:

1, make with meticulous care, attention to detail, with a professional attitude to focus on the wire and automotive and electronic equipment manufacturing and service, strives for perfection, detailed management, fine management, ensure production process specification, stable and reliable product quality, with the minimum resources, create the value of as much as possible, the risks and waste to a minimum extent.

2, to win trust, people-oriented: quality, to provide customers with quality products and quality services, so that the community is satisfied; Efficiency: management efficiency, production efficiency, business efficiency, investment efficiency, and ultimately achieve efficient returns, to achieve multi-win.

3. Customer-oriented: the company always adheres to the market and the needs of relevant parties as the guidance, and converts the market and the needs of relevant parties into the needs of internal management of the company, so as to reach consensus, form synergy, standardize operation, win the trust of the market and relevant parties with high-quality products and services, and meet the expectations of the market and relevant parties.

4, herewith our perfect quality, is to realize the strategic goal, and constantly increase the value and the effective measure to enhance the vitality of enterprises, is to build a good management team and the improvement, optimization and integration of advanced methods of allocation of resources, is the realization of the lifeblood of enterprise sustainable development and the driving force, is the total target management on the basis of management innovation.

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