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USB data line processing plant

time:2019-01-03  from:Weisun Electronics

USB data line is widely used in consumer electronics, smart home furnishing, smart finance and other industries. Customers often mention that I need to customize the data line with fast transmission rate and download speed. How to judge it?

1. Material of conductor

Data line conductor with naked copper wire or tin copper wire mainly, R= rho L/S, which rho represents the conductor material, so the direct impact on the data line transmission speed, online diameter relatively small impact.

2, conductor line diameter

The conductor diameter of the data line is one of the main reasons influencing the transmission and download rate of the data line. The larger the diameter is, the smaller the resistance is and the larger the relative current is. Therefore, when the same material is used, the thicker the conductor is, the faster the transmission rate is.

3. Length of conductor

The length of the data line is also one of the main reasons affecting the transmission of the data line. In the case of the same material and thickness, the shorter the data line is, the faster the transmission speed is, and the faster the charging and downloading speed is.

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