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What is a wiring harness and what types are there?

time:2018-12-17  from:Weisun Electronics

With the development of artificial intelligence AI technology, "unmanned" has become the focus of these two years... ", unmanned supermarket, unmanned value, etc., ali then launched "unmanned hotel", another industry was overturned, the development of AI technology, the introduction of intelligent equipment, wiring harness processing plant is pregnant with opportunities.

AI is the "brain" given to the downstream industries, mainly relying on signal transmission lines to transmit to all parts, so when the opportunity comes, the harness processing plant must build good internal software and hardware facilities, always ready for the opportunity to come, then how to build good internal software and hardware facilities, mainly starting from the material research of signal transmission lines.

Signal transmission line mainly refers to the circuit used to transmit sensing information and control information in the electrical control circuit. Signal lines often consist of multiple cables to form one or more transmission lines. The materials are mainly divided into the following categories:

Category 1: Copper wall iron wall wire is not winded, can only transmit sound, can not transmit data;

Category 2: Non-winding, data transmission. The maximum transmission rate is 4 Mbps.

Category 3: Copper wire is wound once per decimeter, most commonly used in the early market, with a maximum transmission rate of 10 Mbps;

Category 4: It is a kind of transitional wire with a maximum transmission rate of 16 Mbps.

Category 5: It is the beginning of a high-speed development, with a maximum transmission rate of 100 Mbps.

Super 5 lines: new wires that cater to the emergence of Gigabit networks;

Category 6: New Generation of High Speed Wire

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