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USB data wire processing and welding precautions

time:2019-01-03  from:Weisun Electronics

USB data line is a common wire in life. All users know is that USB data line has the function of charging, but they do not know the key points in the process of USB data line processing. Then jiefexin wire processing plant will introduce to you the points needing attention in the process of USB data line welding.

Length of arc

The arc length is related to the type of electrode coating and the thickness of coating. Short arcs should be used as far as possible, since the arc length may cause porosity,

Short arc can avoid harmful gases in the atmosphere, such as O2 and N2, from invading the weld l, forming oxide and other undesirable impurities and affecting the quality of the weld.

Ii. Welding speed

Maintain the appropriate welding speed, slag can cover the pool. All kinds of impurities and gases in the pool can be fully surfaced to avoid slag inclusion and porosity. During welding, if the rod moving speed is too fast, when the welding part is cooled, the shrinkage stress will increase, resulting in cracks in the welding seam.

Three, welding wire selection points

The choice of welding wire should be d on the type of steel being welded, the quality requirements of welding parts, welding construction conditions (plate thickness, groove shape, welding position, welding conditions, post-welding heat treatment and welding operation wait), cost and other comprehensive consideration.

Four, the selection of welding wire to consider the order as follows:

According to the structure of the steel welding wire selection.

(2) according to the quality requirements of the welded parts (especially impact toughness) choose welding wire and welding conditions, groove shape, protective gas mixture ratio and other process conditions, in order to ensure the performance of the welding joint on the premise of the choice to achieve the maximum welding efficiency and reduce the cost of welding materials.

(3) according to the site welding position corresponds to the thickness of the welding workpiece plate to choose the diameter of the wire used, determine the current value used, refer to the product introduction data and experience of each production plant, choose suitable for the welding position and the use of current wire brand. Welding process performance includes arc stability, splash particle size and quantity, slag removal, appearance and shape of welding seam, etc. For the welding of carbon steel and low alloy steel (especially semi-automatic welding), the welding method and welding material are mainly selected according to the welding performance.

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