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Excellent safety harness supplier, welcome to telephone consultation

Our advantage
Adhere to the cost control from raw materials to the production process, provide customers with high quality and reasonable price, exceed the price by value, professional after-sales team, regular return visits, regular satisfaction survey, real worry-free after-sales
  •  Service system capability
    Weisun Wire Harness Factory has established a complete service system standard and has a complete service system process.
  •  Engineering Technology Ability
    Weisun engineers are not only very professional in the principle of wire harness processing, but also take over professional training in the equipment manufacturer factory!
  •  Lean Production Capacity
    The core of lean production is to determine production ives, draw up production plans, fast production and processing, and eliminate all unnecessary waste.
  •  Design and R&D capability
    The pursuit of Wilson Harness Factory is to become an expert in intelligent connection schemes.
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    We cherish your every telephone consultation, a question must be answered, with a professional attitude, intimate service.
    Let you really feel our difference!
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